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Pointillism Variation One - Brendon Moeller - Erratic Podcast 17 (File, MP3)


  • Reliability and Validity of Alternative Measures of Channel Member Satisfaction Recent research in channels of distribution has em- phasized the importance of the behavioral dimensions of channel interaction. One construct which has been ex- plored both conceptually and empirically is channel member satisfaction.
  • Sep 07,  · No Easy Answers in Bioethics Podcast The Patient Preference Predictor: Tomlinson and Stahl - Episode 1. September 7, Center Director Dr. Tom Tomlinson and Assistant Professor Dr. Devan Stahl discuss the Patient Preference Predictor (PPP), a tool they are developing that could potentially supplement advance directives or surrogate decision makers for patients, or that could aid .
  • Love and the Postmodern Predicament: Rediscovering the Real in Beauty, Goodness, and Truth () by D.C. Schindler.
  • Preference, belief, and similarity:selected writings/by Amos Tversky;edited by Eldar Shafir. 17 On the Optimal Number of Alternatives at a Choice Point of theoretical significance since the transitivity of preferences is one of the funda-mental axioms of utility theory. At the same time, it provided a revealing glimpse.
  • In this well regarded picture book about the life of George Washington by Bella Koral, Alexander Hamilton is portrayed as not only a good friend to Washington, but also as a brilliant founding father and one of the most influential men in our nation’s history. Obviously Hamilton.
  • perceptual variation. For the last two weeks we have been discussing the strengths and weaknesses of two competing views of human beings and our relation to the world. since persons just are one sort of material thing. But, as we saw last week, the materialist has some difficulty in giving a plausible story about the nature of persons, and.
  • Whether we are all simply computer programs living our lives unaware of our coded nature, at the mercy of endless multiple dimensions, or perhaps just the creation of some all powerful dreaming deity, there are countless ideas one could come up with to doubt their own existence.
  • David had unquenchable optimism when Philistia was spanking Israel's finest (1 Samuel ). And when the King asked him how a runt like him could kill a giant, he said because he used to kill lions and bears when they threatened the herd, and Goliath would be just like one of them (1 Samuel ).

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